Donny Cates Says Venom #1 Has a ‘Secret Thing’ No One Will Find

Marvel’s new volume of Venom from writer Donny Cates and artist Ryan Stegman introduced an all-new backstory for the alien symbiotes, adding more depth and mystery to the antihero for its 30th anniversary. Apparently, the title’s first issue is filled with so much mystery that Cates and Stegman hid something inside that only the two of them know about.

Cates made this revelation on his Twitter account, with the message, “There is a secret thing in VENOM #1 that literally ONLY @RyanStegman and I know. No one else knows this thing. And no one else ever will.”

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Of course, it remains to be seen whether this secret is only meant to be between the two creators, or if it’s a seed for a story arc down the road — though one could argue Cates’ final statement means it will never be referenced on the physical page.

Venom #1 changed everything we thought we know about the Lethal Protector, from revealing that the history of the symbiotes on Earth started in medieval times, to learning Flash Thompson was nowhere near the first Agent Venom. Suffice it to say, Cates and Stegman aren’t afraid to change the status quo.

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Venom #1 goes on sale June 13 from Marvel Comics.

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