Marvel Comics Teases Spider-Man vs. Peter Parker

In a lot of ways, Peter Parker has been his own worst enemy over the years, but a new teaser from Marvel indicates that may actually become a literal battle in August.

Marvel is teasing a physical showdown between Peter and his webbed persona in Amazing Spider-Man #3, which is, frankly, only slightly confusing when you consider the hero’s history with clones and inter-dimensional travel.

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Ryan Ottley’s cover for Amazing Spider-Man #3

For many heroes, the prospect of facing off against their civilian identities would give them — and readers — pause, but for Spider-Man, it’s really not that strange. He’s stared himself in the face dozens of times over the course of his career, most recently in the current reality-altering “Spiderpoint” time-travel story unfolding in Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man.

However, odds are good the new creative team of Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley have a big twist up their sleeves for this confrontation. We’ll know more for sure once the title relaunches with a new #1 in July, a major event that will apparently also include the return of Spidey’s black suit, a new set of roommates and likely a number of other major changes to the web-slinger’s current status quo.

The showdown between Spidey and his unmasked persona, however that happens, is teased to take place in Amazing Spider-Man #3, on sale August 8. Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley’s run on the series kicks off Wednesday, July 11.

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