Avengers 4 Action Figure Art Leak Reveals Thor, Rocket’s New Costumes


A leaked piece of artwork purported to be the card for a Thor and Rocket Raccoon Avengers 4 action figure two-pack reveals a new look for Marvel Studios God of Thunder and the small-in-stature, large-in-attitude Guardian of the Galaxy.

The images, shared on Twitter by Discussing Film contributor James Conway, show Rocket and Thor in new, matching uniforms. Rather than wearing their now-iconic outfits, the pair are suited up in what appears to be black and grey space suits, with red highlights. On the left chest is the Avengers iconic A, indicating that Rocket will officially join the ranks of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes when the sequel arrives.

While it’s just a thumbnail, you can see Captain America wearing a similar outfit in the thumbnail image on the lower right. Captain Marvel, however, is seen wearing her familiar red, blue and yellow uniform. Considering we’ve already seen several pieces of art for other members of the team that has depicted them in different, yet familiar uniforms, it’s likely that the look below is for a specific mission, not something fans will have to get used to as the team’s all-purpose costumes.

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It’s real.. pic.twitter.com/K7jbEFYydT

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